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Full Version: 80 Hosts Stolen From Catholic Church in Austria
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The stealing of the host is supposedly comparable with the willful destruction of a Tora-roll or the desecration of a graveyard.

[ Graz] Unknown persons have damaged more churches in the Austrian Diocese of Graz-Seckau.

This was according to the Press Office of the Diocese today. The media has regarded this crime with indifference.

The press text in the main speaks of "more disturbances and defacement of Catholic churches."
It is hard for non-Catholics to comprehend them to be anything but thin pieces of bread.
I doubt anyone would go to the trouble of stealing "bread" from a Church. Anti-Catholic attack or something more nefarious, IMO.
I was referring to the blasé reporting.
Whoa...thats terrible stealing hosts from a church...wonder what would drive one to do so... ??? *sighs* this reminds me of our priest who came from Africa to finish school in Berkeley, and well...he's done now, but when he was going, he was actually kidnapped, beaten and dumped in Oakland. My cousin brought up when we told others...she's younger than me by a bit and she said "thats like double sinning." I think its terrible what people can do...and I still think its terrible that our priest...Fr. James came from Africa only to be beaten up in the Bay Area...he's a very close priest/friend and is still at our church in Richmond, he's going to eventually go for his Ph. D. :)