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Full Version: Theban Legion and other Soldier-Saint Fiction?
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Has anybody ever penned a novel, or a play, film, etc., about the Theban Legion, a Roman legion of Christian soldiers who, upon refusing to sacrifice to the emperor as a god, were martyred together in the third century A.D.?  St. Maurice is the chief figure of this legend, along with SS Alexander, Candidus, etc.  The best that I could find was a book from 1871 called The Theban legion: a story of the times of Diocletian by William Maxwell Blackburn, but I can locate next to nothing about it to determine whether or not it is a novel (let alone obtain a volume for myself). 

What about novels, plays, films, etc. dramatizing the stories of the military saints such as St. Andrew the Tribune, St. George, etc.  Is this an under-explored subject in fiction? 
Louis de Wohl wrote a lot of novels about the saints.  My favorite of his is "The Spear" about St. Longinus.
Yes, I should have remembered The Last Crusader about Don Juan of Austria and the Battle of Lepanto.