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Full Version: Pope to Asian Catholics; Be Witnesses to the Beautiful of Christ's Being!
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Pope Benedict to Asian Catholics: Be Witnesses to the Beauty of Christ's Being!
Pope Benedict published a message for the Catholics of Asia.

Rome ( this coming Sunday, the 5th of September, there will be a congress of Catholic Laity in Asia. For this event the Pope has composed a message to the Catholics of Asia, in which he exhorts them, to give ever more of a witness to the beauty of Christian existence and announce Jesus Christ as the only savior of the world. Similarly the Pope accentuated the indispensable role of the Lay Faithful for the mission of the Church. The message was read yesterday morning by the Apostolic Nuncio from South Korea, Archbishop Osvaldo Padilla.

The Asiatic continent, which contains two thirds of the world population, is for Benedict XVI, the cradle of great religions and spiritual traditions; simultaneously it is with a growing economy combined confrontations with unparalleled social transformations. in the midst of this context the Catholic is bound to ask, "a sign and a promise of unity, which only a Christian makes possible."