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Full Version: Tradition-Friendly Bishop Re-Opens Seminary Closed 10 Years
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[Paris] Msgr Marc Aillet, the current General Vicar of the traditional friendly French Diocese of Toulon, was made by Pope Benedict the Bishop of the Diocese of Bayonne. He is a member of St. Martins-Community founded by Cardinal Siri, in which the Holy Mass of Paul VI is celebrated in latin, versus Deum. The Bishop wrote an article about the use and meaning of the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum and endeavored to promote the Tridentine Mass also the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in his Diocese.

Even after the first two years in office, it was possible for him to re-open his Seminary which had been previously closed due to a lack of candidates which now has five candidates. The first seminarians of the re-opened seminary will begin their studies in the next few days. Other candidates will begin simultaneously the preparatory year of spiritual direction for priests, which was the tradition in seminaries.

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As Father Z likes to say, Brick by Brick.  :pray:
This makes you wonder if the crisis was manufactured within the church as a way of extoring change rather than a real crisis from outside the church.
They had to create a pretext.
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