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Full Version: Stupidity knows no bounds.
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Also can anybody confirm what he says about the new translation for the German funeral Mass?
(09-11-2010, 08:49 AM)Unum Sint Wrote: [ -> ]

The article is wrong. There is no difference between "the many" or "many". Many refers to a large number, but it is indefinite, so it could refer to a relatively large amount (many homosexuals exist) and to a majority (many people have hair), despite homosexuals being less than 10% of any population of which I know and almost all humans having some sort of hair on their body.

It's just another case of Germans thinking they know more about English than they do.
Quote:An ancient principle of theology is “lex orandi, lex credendi.”

When I was in theology in the fifties and early sixties the ';ex orandi lex credendi' principle was labeled as the modernist principle, they wanted to sell the 'people's Church' principle through the wording of some prayers. The problem is that the Liturgy, especially with the changes throughout the times is too large to comprehend as a whole, so one picks up only sentences to prove whatever is the interest of the speaker. The Catholic teaching is that the liturgy (lex orandi) closely follows the faith, but does not makes the faith. The important message in the 'lex orandi' adagium is that the liturgy is 'lex' strict prescription, and thus the advise to break it - as the quoted author does - is definitely grave sin.

As for the process, I closely followed it from the beginning. It never was secret. I do not recall such dispute weather the definite article is to be used in from of the 'multis'. I am not sure about the rule in English, but in Hungarian the multis 'sokakert' w/o article means only the number (not few, many) with definite article it points to a definite group (in this case to those who will go to the heaven). I have a guess that this distinction exist in English too. The Church's teaching is that there is hell and the hell is populated, so such definite group exist: we do not know who belong there, but God knows from the beginning.