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Full Version: People Under 30 With Traditional Values Need to Stand Up and Be Counted
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People over 30, don't feel left out, you are also needed!  Please read down to the bottom of the page to see what you can do.

But the emphasis is on traditional young people standing up against young people supporting the social agenda of the UN, Planned Parenthood, etc.

"Radical pro-abortion youth have written a document that the UN General Assembly is considering accepting. This would be disastrous. The document was written under the careful scrutiny of the UN Population Fund and International Planned Parenthood Federation. It calls for all the usual craziness: abortion on demand, comprehensive sex education…all for kids!"

"A group of smart young people have drafted a counter document that we will present to the UN later this month or early next month. This document will show the UN that radical youth DO NOT TALK FOR ALL YOUTH!"

"In order to make the necessary big splash, we need as many signatures as we can get. We need you to please sign THIS document right now and then send this note to everyone in your address book? Will you put this email up on Facebook? Will you circulate it among all of your family and friends."

Time is running out. We need 50,000 names in three weeks!

This is from C-FAM (Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute) via Fr Z. at WDTPRS.

There is a petition to be signed by the young -- those under 30 -- and only  8,682 people have signed it.  Getting to at least 50,000 is the goal.

There is also a petition supporting the petition from the young to be signed by those over 30 and 17, 860 have signed it. 

That's more than twice as many signers over 30 as have signed the petition for those under 30. 

Come on, young Fisheaters, please show the world that there are young people who oppose the UN's ideas about children of any age having the "right" to an abortion and children as young as 12 using birth control, young people who support traditional marriage between one man and one woman, young people who oppose abortion and birth control, young people who believe sex outside marriage is wrong, young people who think parents have the primary responsibility for their children's education, especially in regard to sex education, because teaching kids about perversions is not in their best interests.

Go here to sign the petition if you are under 30:

Those over 30, go here:

Thank you.

I'm old but 18,130. C'mon fishies, gotta be at least two here under 30.
I'm 32. I feel so old.  *slinks away to buy support hose and Geritol*
I'm pretty sure that there aren't 50,000 Catholics under 30 worldwide.
(09-13-2010, 01:23 PM)timoose Wrote: [ -> ]I'm old but 18,130. C'mon fishies, gotta be at least two here under 30.

18, 277 oldies now to 9,008 young'uns.  Come on, kids, you can do better than this!
I signed up.
Woohoo! I'm just barely under 30 so I signed it. Thanks! It's up to 9,009 now.
I'm exactly 30 years of age, so I signed the "30 and up" petition. It was 18,315 after I signed it.


If it's any consolation timmoose, I started reading fisheaters when I was 28.  But I'm 30 now.
I am 29, I signed :)
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