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Full Version: New Orleans Jazz Mass........
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Nobody desecrates a Mass better than down in the Big Easy......

But then again, It's St. Satchmo their honoring down there, so grab and umbrella and boogie down by the altar.

More rotten fruits of "V-poo" as DK would say.
And to think that Our Lord was in their tabernacle watching the whole ordeal...may he have mercy on them.
I went to a Mass the other weekend up at the lake where the priest's claim to fame was the originator of "the polka mass" ... I dont think he can do that anymore
Is it possible for Jesus to un-consecrate himself if a Mass gets too wacky or embarrassing?
Hey great Idea for the next Papal communion service.
I guess they followed this guy's lead:

(09-13-2010, 10:50 PM)dark lancer Wrote: [ -> ]Is it possible for Jesus to un-consecrate himself if a Mass gets too wacky or embarrassing?

That's assuming that he is there to begin with.
Used to be a Sunday night Blues Mass in my former diocese in the People's Republic of Massachusetts.
Why does it never occur to these people to wait until after Mass to have their little concerts?
This deserves a bump.

And I quoteth:

"OK, you're probably right in some way, but like I said, most of Jazz has no redeeming value to me, it sound like just a bunch of noise distortion and off beat rhythms with no melodic content, most of it really need to go back down into the New Orleans whorehouses and jukejoints where it spawned from." - Alaric

How charming it is to see EWTN, Protestant Answers, and diocesan bloggers fire volleys at Father Corapi because he dared criticize the Bishops, but nigh a peep about this sort of sacrilege.  Where is Mr. Shea in demanding answers from the parish Pastor on why formless, notoriously sin-steeped, and just plain bad music became the focal point of Mass, instead of the Sacrifice on the Altar.

The YouTube clip says it all; one commenter asked rhetorically how that 'reform of the reform' was working out in the Novus Ordo Rite.  Well, by establishment measures, the answer is 'fa-aaa-bulous!

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