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Full Version: In Defence of Islam
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in response to  admarito post which  was this
"All other religions lead souls to hell,"
metelicfan said
"Why? I disagree."

dk says
because Christ says so. How do u go kntobthe father metalicafan? U love woodpecker lipping scripture go see what Christ says
More later
this is fun
According to Catholic theology, people go to hell for their freely committed and unrepented m : :))ortal sins.

Thank you for informing me of your sources.  :)

Just war theory goes back to Aristotle and Cicero, and was developed by St. Augustine, who was around 200 years before the start of Islam.

I suppose I'll have to look into finding an online English translation of Sharia Law.

I am not interested in the good will or intentions of Muslims, but rather the truth or falsity of their religious doctrines.

Islamic morals contradict Catholic morals on certain - if not many - points, so I don't think God revealed contradictory moral codes.

I do not believe Jesus taught pacifism (cf. Luke 22:36; see also Rom.13:4 and Psalm 81:4).

This is a Catholic forum and you are a fellow Christian, so why should I need to prove the truth of the Christian faith to you?  ??? Why should I make an argument for something that you and I ought to hold as true from the outset? That would only make sense if you weren't Christian. Do you see my point here?

... Sorry, I just don't see where you're coming from. You're Christian but you're making a substantial effort to defend an objectively false religion (which DENIES central Christian doctrines), which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
devotedknuckles Wrote:it's about bellum sacram and the fusing of the sword  and the cross.

A poor marriage if there ever was one.

Quote:Ever single monastic military order traces their holy rules back to him and his rule he wrote for the poor knighs of Christ. All of them  even the orders that existed prior to him writing his rule.

The above statement doesn't make sense. How did S. Bernard write rules for orders which pre-dated his birth?

Quote:What this means mullah bin credo is from the reconquesta  to the baktics  and to the new world the rule of st Bernard as he wrote it gave a new articulation of a new  charasm to a new calling.

The Reconquista started in the 8th century.

Who in the New World was quoting Bernard on holy war?

Quote:u must ask how the reconquesta turned out?

Well enough, but I don't think Bernard had much to do with it.

Quote:How the crusade in the balics  against th vile pagans turned out

Not too well since the Northern European nations were the first to jump ship in the Reformation.

Quote:the crusade against the vile pagans of the new world turned  out

How were the American Indians any viler than the Europeans or Asians of the day? ... What crusades in the New World?!

Quote:the last crusade in Spain 1936 1939


Please, not Franco.

Quote:Just because mohamadans claim is from Adam doesn't make it so.

I believe the claim is that Prophet Abraham built the Kaaba. Do you have any proof that Abraham did not built the House?
Mullah bin credo

the fusion of the sword and the cross is not a poor marrieg at all notbaccordingto st Bernard of clairvaux which u lad should take some time and perhaps put the zeal u have for he study of mohamadansiam to the study of st Bernard!

let me put it a different way some militRy orders predated st Bernard they did not have. Rule or they used rules thavwere not their own.  St Bernard wrote the rule for the poor knights of Christ. And it was this rule which was adapted by all orders th became militR orders. Thus what rules these orders did use Augustinian, benidictine, were replaced by rules based on r almost exact copies of the rule st Bernard wrote. His is only the case with miltRy orders.

The reconquesta started in rhe 8 century u r correct but I was speaking to the military orders tha fIght and helped win it. Again put half of yor zeal u do In studying mohamadanism to the study of sacred history and u will know this.  Some orders o the reconquesta that based their rules on the one st bernad wrote are of the to o me head. The order of calatrava and the order of alcantara.
I did not post somene in he new world qoued st Bernard. So u need glasses? I said the holy wars of the new world whih of corse would be he wars against vile Aztecs and others. Th men who fIght in them and the frauds who were by heir side oe fighting wih hem woe a debt to at Bernard. On the Santa Maria there were mercedian friars. Though Augustinian by rule they alps owe a debt to he rule of the poor knighs of Christ. Thus tto st Bernard
Even long after the reconquesta st Bernard influence was still felt in the establishment of other Spanish military orders within the Spanish military up to the 1950s if I'm not mistaking. I just noted two orders of not very small stature whih faughtvin the reconquesta against your vile mohamadan friends. By know means are hey the only ones

The crusades in the baktics were a succeeds mullah bin credo for I border to apostasized u mug first be catholic. What rubbish u speak r u arguing that the hok crusades against the vile head hunting Baltic creep show pagans was a failure due to a mass apostasy centuries later? (depending on which nation)?

No not Franco the last crusade! Which was bigger the. Franco. Ubdo realize the church lost over ten thousands priests to reds and anarchists in the first year of that crusade! Yet u mock Franco!!! A pious great catholic who rose ot he occasion and call to save his nation and the faih od Spain!!!! Yes he did drastic errors but u forget it wasn't Franco alone!!! He Catholics of Spain rose andc sought and died and Franco hebgrwat man and catholic he was headed the call
don't mock him or hem mullah!!!!
Ya basta!!!!!

Do u have  any proof Abraham bult the house besides the vile korAn?

a false satanic book!

I hope  that is clear.
Mullah bin credo" is getting lame. Knock it off.

devotedknuckles Wrote:sacred history

An interesting phrase.

Quote:So u need glasses?


Quote:I said the holy wars of the new world whih of corse would be he wars against vile Aztecs and others.

What wars there were in Mexico et al were crusades only so far as the Spanish Empire wanted to put a Catholic veneer on their conquests.

Quote:Yet u mock Franco!!!

How did I mock El Generalissimo?

Quote:Ya basta!!!!!


Quote:Do u have  any proof Abraham bult the house besides the vile korAn?

I never made a comment either way about Prophet Ibrahim building the Kaaba. You asserted that he had no hand in its construction. Therefore, you are responsible for documenting your claim (if you can, that is).

Quote:a false satanic book!

An incomplete sentence! To what book do you refer?
Bredebto a he satanic book u constantly lavash praise on mullah bin credo
the vile Koran

Sacred history is very interesting perhaps. Can put just half your zeAl u have for vile mohamadanism to the study of sacred history  it will do yo soul some good I gauranteee  u

Again u should read barnal Diaz. The wArs that led to the rightfully and just conquest of the evil azte empire in the eyes of Jose who faught them (most of the conquestadors) were holy wars. They fight for Christ and the kng but if ubtook any of your time u put into reading he vile korN to read sacred history u would know this

Frankly mullah bin credo u show more respect for mohamet then u do for frNco a greT pious catholic who lead brave Catholics to victory against the reds and anarchists which murdered thousands upon thousands of priests and ctholics
oh n not Franco! U say!  yes yes Franco but i reckon  u preffer  mohamet

I do not beleive a worddrom stans mouth even when Satan speaks truth I is twisted and never should be trusted
mohamadans claim many things such as Christ not being the messiah cbrist not being crucified christ not being god
why would a catholic then trust the vile mohamadans and vile korN and accept WBA thy say regarding the kabah?
The vile korAn is a lie vile mohamadan is a lie
u obviously will belive these lies
sadly I am no suprised

ya basta!! Indeed mullah!

devotedknuckles Wrote:mohamadans claim many things such as Christ not being the messiah

Actually Muslims do believe Jesus is the messiah. Hence they have no scruples calling him Jesus Christ.
Mohamadans do not believe christ  to be the  messiah as tthe meaning of what Christians believe  messiah to mean
further they deny him period
they deny he was god they deny the trinity
so Can  play petty definition games regarding the meaning of annointed one,  the fact stands to mohamadans Jesus was a proohet that's hardly what cAtholics belive as what messiah means
but u know this and it seems the only respons u had was the above
well mullah bn credo
that's disapointng for a man such as u who take great pride in you  intelectual prowess
Rather then take your time defending mohamadNism or studying rhe vile false religion this thread has showed u need to concentrate on whT counts
your faith
your soul is at stake. in charity
(09-16-2010, 10:06 AM)Credo Wrote: [ -> ]
devotedknuckles Wrote:mohamadans claim many things such as Christ not being the messiah

Actually Muslims do believe Jesus is the messiah. Hence they have no scruples calling him Jesus Christ.

They believe He was a prophet, below moo in importance.
As for Jesus being a pacifist, explain (anyone) how did a pacifist come to drive out the money-changers from the temple?
devotedknuckles Wrote:that's disappointing for a man such as u who take great pride in you  intelectual prowess

Don't put words in my mouth. Valuing the intellect is not the same as claiming intellectual prowess.
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