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Full Version: Raelians sue pontiff
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MONTREAL – Besides being dogged by protesters and threatened with an alleged attack during his visit to Britain, Pope Benedict is also being sued by the Raelians.

The Raelian Movement filed the lawsuit Monday in a British court.

Among other charges, the suit alleges Pope Benedict violated human rights laws by claiming condoms don’t stop the spread of AIDS.

“Since the beginning, the European Raelian Movement has been especially active in denouncing the harmful actions of the Vatican, especially in the last 15 years,” said Brigitte Boisselier, a spokeswoman for the UFO religion, adding the criticism apparently led to retaliation from Rome.

In a statement released Monday, the Raelians claim the church's alleged coverup of sexual abuse by pedophile priests violated international child protection laws.

They add the current pontiff was in charge of dealing with allegations of sexual abuse while serving under Pope John Paul II.

The Raelians did come under fire from the Vatican for their 2002 claim they cloned a human being.

"The announcement itself is the expression of a brutal mentality that lacks any kind of human and ethical consideration,” a spokesman for the Vatican said at the time.

In London on Saturday, Pope Benedict apologized to the victims of sexual abuse in the hands of pedophile priests saying it brought both him and the church “shame and humiliation.”

The controversial international Raelian movement is headed by race car-loving, alien-spotting, France-born Rael, who maintains his life mission is to prepare humanity to welcome its extraterrestrial creators.
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