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Full Version: SSPX Opens New Priory in Sanford, Florida
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Title pretty much says it all. Some pics;
Deo Gratias! :D
Frs. Vernoy Alessio, and Nichols will be stationed at the newly blessed priory.
Good. I hope they are able to attract many traditional families and save souls.
Blessed be God =)

What is the name of the priory anyway and how many parishoners are there now?
Cool another place I can go to Mass if I'm ever visiting someone out there.

And maybe in FL the Candyland factor won't be as is FL after all.
TheĀ  church is named after St. Thomas More. The school, which hopefully will open next year is dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Attendance ranges from 120-150, but hopefully will rise now that that Florida has priests full-time. Other Florida chapels have a lot less attendance, unfortunitly.