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Full Version: Corpus Christianum
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I saw someone mention this group Corpus Christianum  somewhere and checked it out. It is a group of faithful Catholics who agree to pray the Little Office of the BVM and a few extra prayers for the intention of bringing back or rebuilding Christendom. I don't much care for the translation of the Little Office but it didn't stop me from joining since there are other translations out there. Anyone else heard of it, joined it? Any thoughts on it?
Fabian Bruskewitz Wrote:Art. 25. The Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska - as well as all other Catholic Archdioceses/Dioceses - possess no legal and/or financial responsibility and/or liability for the statutes, policies, or actions of Corpus Christianum and its individual members.

Only in the United States will you find things like this.  ::)

Very solid group and growing rapidly. 

Also, they have nothing against one using the Baronius Press edition. 
I was just shocked that the guy e-mailed me and said I was one of four in Florida who had joined but from the looks of it this is a brand new group. It seems to me like a worthy cause at any rate.
Their intentions are honorable

  1.  The renewal, unity, and spread of Christendom;
  2. The Supreme Pontiff and all priests/religious;
  3. The protection of Christians;
  4. The restoration of the family;
  5. The conversion of sinners and the sanctification of all persons;

It worth to note that the Diocese of Lincoln provides Nihil Obstat apparently in timely manner
You're right, it is honorable what they are trying to accomplish but there is a part of me that thinks the restoration of Christendom--if it ever happens that is--will certainly never be in my lifetime. I guess we have to be willing to pray for something that we may never see come to fruition but what else can we do? Western Civilization is in shambles and we are throwing away-if we haven't already thrown away--our roots and our Catholic. I suppose it will only be Divine intervention that will help rebuild Christendom, won by the prayers of Catholics all toiling in obscurity and darkness in a culture that is becoming increasingly hostile to any display of religious belief. There is a sort of nobility to that endeavor, at least I think so. It's like every Hail Mary said in a state of grace for the intentions of rebuilding Christendom actually do something good that leads in that direction whether we see it or not. Thanks for the input and comments everyone.