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Full Version: Newman
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No threads yet? He's just been beatified!  Thoughts?

Personally I'm all for it, and think it's a great move by Benedict. Newman's Apologia helped me a hell of a lot when I was younger and struggling with how the Faith of the Saints seemed so irreconcilable with the nonsense of Catholics I knew. He wrote some pretty timeless stuff about the "Catholic Sense" and the personal struggles he went through to join the Church , and he showed pretty heroic courage and fidelity when he went through a lot of personal sadness/ injustice after leaving the Church of England. To an extent, and in a different time/ place, he was almost up there with Augustine really, in terms of his testimony to being drawn to the true Faith, and in some of his letters to detractors.

Also, I'm a "cradle Catholic" and am wondering if he appeals more to them than to converts, even if he was one?
Yeah but any thoughts?
Orville is not a man of "thoughts".
I once started reading the Apologia but didn't get very far.  :-[ I like Newman, but did not find this a terribly engaging book.
At least Bl Newman blamed the Jews for Christ's Crucifiction, "let His blood be upon us and on our children":

It should be pretty embarrassing to the powers that be, since they've been so eager to ride the wave of Holocaust hysteria.
Seems like a lot of people are being beatified and canonized these days.

Blessed Andre is finally October 17th.  I wonder why John Paul couldn't/wouldn't canonize him...