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Full Version: Outrageous blasphemy taxpayer funded "art" in Colorado
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Warning: Terrible blasphemy. DO NOT read if you think this will disturb you.

Send your instant e-protest message to The Loveland Museum in Loveland, Colorado where an art display shows a man performing oral sex on Jesus.

This unspeakable blasphemy is scheduled to run through November 28.

E-protest this terrible blasphemy.

Your email protest will be automatically sent to the directors of The Loveland Museum. And a copy will be forwarded to the nine members of the Loveland City Council.

I cannot imagine a more offensive and blasphemous insult to Our Lord Jesus Christ.

And this one is funded by tax payer money!

It really makes you wonder how much longer God will put up with this.

This is an outrage!
Protest letters won't do squat
Catholics must stop this! Catholics in tht cit must stop th one way or anoher!
Sick twisted vile bastads!!!!
I shouldn't even of read the damn link!
Vile bastards!! 
They reallvare pushn it!!

I'd like to know who the artist is and what other exhibitions he or she has had.  It sounds to me like someone in "fly-over country" hoping to get a show in New York via local controversy.  Probably the artist is homosexual so he can call on that "community" to defend him if Christians start making too much noise about his "artwork."

I also wonder if Muslims in the Loveland, Colorado, area will be offended by this since Islam considers Jesus a prophet.  If they take serious offense, the "artwork" will be gone in a New York minute.

Please be polite if you write an e-mail.  They are hoping for rude e-mails and worse to promote this exhibit.  Let's disappoint them on that.  You can politely say that this is sacrilegious and highly offensive and ask that it be removed immediately.

Would burning this building down be justifiable under these circumstances?

wtf!!! rexit!! have u know balls? ye syes call the vile moham cuz sure as shite catholics wont do squat!! a catholic wishing to call on mohams to defend CHRIST??
sad but true the sign o the times.
if only catholics would defend CHRIST? i now i know i know silly utopian thoughts and fantasies. after all the bishops are to busy defending pedo priests.
silly me
Update: a local woman attacked the piece with a crowbar, and was able to destroy it before anyone got to her. She is in custody, and the gallery is pressing charges, though. The police are saying she'll be charged with criminal mischief, and get a $1000-2000 fine if she's convicted. Shall we start a fund?
yes! and a facebook page as a thank you.
the important question here is
was she wearing pants?
so now the way it will work is they will do the exhibit bigger and under security.
so then another lass with kiwis will just up the anti and so on and so forth till catholic men get some balls. no worries usually it was the lassies in the north that would always start shit with the brits first lol the men only after there sips
If this was a moral country the "art" would be burned and the owner of the museum would be put in prison for life. Then he could experience his exhibit first hand with a big man named Bubba.

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