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Full Version: 93rd Anniversary
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I, don't know if it's been posted yet but tomorrow is the 93rd Anniversary. The next 7 years ought to be interesting.
As my friend Jimmy Durante used to sing... and da days dwindle down to a very few September...
interesting might be understated.
Why the next 7?  o_O

i wonder if ay of the Chilean miners or their family members had asked Our Lady of Fatima for help?

today was a wonderful day for them, finally being rescued.  in the small space where they were trapped, they chose an area to be a shrine early on and have said God was there with them. 
There are no atheists in foxholes.  Not to mention trapped in mines.

They were closer to Hell down there and it sharpened their minds I wou;dn't wonder.

I am glad they are out.  Mining is a very tough job for real men.

Hopefully they'll appreciate their lives and more will save their souls as a result of the experience.

But you are absolutely right about Fatima.  That was their "Miracle" of the Sun.  They saw the Sun.
Some of them probably wish they had stayed down there.

(10-14-2010, 05:08 AM)ggreg Wrote: [ -> ]Some of them probably wish they had stayed down there.

Well, after this ordeal hopefully it humbles them now and they repent over these really serious sins they were committing!  :pray:
Yesterday in the Volo Church Sr Angela Coehlo, the vice postulator of the canonization of blessed Blessed Francisco and Jacinta spoke about the spirit of Fatima: the prayer of the Rosary, and the devotion of the 5 first Saturday: Rosary, 15 minutes meditation daily, confession, communion  on the first Saturday for 5 months.

As for the secrets she said that popes (John XXIII, Paul VI and for a while John Paul II did not promulgated because they did not understood it. Pope John Paul II understood after his assasination. She did not subscribed to the 3rd secred still kept in secrecy, all is promulgated, and partly fulfilled partly will be fulfilled, she said.
(10-14-2010, 05:08 AM)ggreg Wrote: [ -> ]Some of them probably wish they had stayed down there.

Jay Leno said it best: "You just got yourself out of one hole!  Don't dig yourself into another one!"  :P