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Full Version: Louvain drops the name Catholic
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"Change of course for K.U.Leuven,” headlines De Standaard. The Brussels daily reports that the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, one of Europe’s oldest universities, is planning to drop the “Katholieke” (Catholic) from its name. The management of K.U.Leuven wants to distance the institution from the numerous paedophile scandals that have tarnished the reputation of the Catholic Church, and also the Vatican’s stance on scientific ethics, which was highlighted by its criticism of the most recent Nobel prize for medicine. "The Catholic message is not appropriate for the university," explains K.U.Leuven rector Mark Waer, who points out that "a fifth of the students at the institution are foreigners." They need to know that "the Vatican has no influence on the management of the university," which plans to play an important role in genetic research.

I hope some other schools follow suit though for different reasons. How about just admitting that you are not Catholic anymore?

At last!
I have been there many times. They have been saying this for a while so I am not surprised to see this. How wrong it is to distance oneself from the Church because her children rebel, as if the Bride of Christ does not condemn, in her magisterial teachings, those vile crimes committed.
Is this the same university with the big seminary?  I have a friend being ordained there today.
Sad all the way around.
Do you mean the American College of Louvain? If so, yes that's the one. How does your friend find the seminary?

(10-16-2010, 07:06 AM)Cetil Wrote: [ -> ]Walty,
Do you mean the American College of Louvain? If so, yes that's the one. How does your friend find the seminary?


Yeah, I'm sure that's the same one.  I'm not sure what he thinks of the seminary.  He's not liberal (most likely considered a neo-cath), but a few years back he did tell me I should think about attending that university as a layman.  How can a seminary continue there if it's no longer a Catholic university?
That's a good question Walty. I would imagine the seminary is pretty liberal too huh?
Everything I've ever heard about Louvain is that it is over run by the modernists in general.

I was contemplating attending this university precisely because it was supposedly catholic.

This is all just an excuse so they can escape the Church's rules on bioethics and so they can get a piece of the research funding pie that all universities are craving.

I would hope the Church would step in a reclaim this institution, keeping the Church's infrastructure is important in preparation for the restoration! - whenever that comes...
Leuven, where the throne of satan stands.

Yes, Leuven is known for it's progressivism.