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Full Version: All Saints Day Holy Cards
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All Saints Day is around the corner.  I love Holy Cards and am Posting this beaute of St. Maximilian Kobe.  Each year I tell myself that I am going to start collecting used or broken rosaries through out the year and and print up a bunch of St. Maximilian Kobe holy cards to pass out to children on halloween.  Or sometimes I entertain the thought of dressing as St. Maximilian Kobe ( one side in cassic and the other side in prisoon strips.  Then work on a German accent and pose as  St. Maximilian Kobe in a mall or or public place and pass out the holy card along with a rosary and how to prary th e rosary to who ever will come listen to me.  Anyway Please send you your favorite holy card of a saintt and anything that you might like to add to the post. 
God Bless

[Image: maximilian-kolbediedatAuschwitzafte.jpg]
I have a lot more that are antique which I will post later.

these are some of the ones I use in my breviary:
[Image: Saints.png]
    Those are nice.  Are you dressing for Halloween?
(10-17-2010, 07:31 PM)kzarah Wrote: [ -> ]ketchum
    Those are nice.  Are you dressing for Halloween?

Don't think I'm going trick or treating this year it's a sunday so I won't be able to stay out much for parties or trick or treating.

[Image: 1459429055.jpg] [Image: 1459414003.jpg] [Image: 1459413995.jpg]

[Image: 2897489690.jpg] [Image: 2897489734.jpg] [Image: 2897489682.jpg]

[Image: 2729577976.jpg] [Image: 1459374813.jpg] [Image: 1459356903.jpg]

[Image: 1459356883.jpg] [Image: 611283050.jpg]

[Image: 611228056.jpg] [Image: 610882755.jpg] [Image: 519128564.jpg]

    Awesome! The one with Jesus hanged to the cross with the angels collecting His blood in the chalices    Because of you how posted your cards I was able to save them individually on my computer.  Thanks
Glad you guys like these. Here are some more!

[Image: 504817058.jpg] [Image: 3069351771.jpg] [Image: 504817066.jpg]

[Image: 504817078.jpg] [Image: 504817080.jpg] [Image: 504823082.jpg] [Image: 504823100.jpg]

[Image: 504823112.jpg] [Image: 504833364.jpg] [Image: 504823114.jpg]

Let me know if you want more.
those last two are lovely
send more!

I wish they made them that way still.
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