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Full Version: "Patriotic Rosary"--Medjugorje (warning: image-heavy)
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Please, someone tell me if you can see these images. I've copied them from my Picasa account, but haven't shared the images publicly, so I'm not sure this has worked.

My boyfriend got this pamphlet from his parish gift shop for free. When the lady running the shop the other day gave it to him, he asked, "Isn't there some controversy about this Medjugorje stuff?" She said yes, but that since they were given the pamphlets, they have to give them out, and that people should be given all the information and then decide for themselves. Normally I'd agree, but knowing how poorly most Catholics are being educated re: the faith, I question the ability for most Catholics to do that, but I digress. He asked me to share it with you, and since these folks obviously want this pamphlet disseminated, I've scanned it and am posting it here.

[Image: patriotic_rosary014.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary001.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary002.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary003.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary004.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary005.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary006.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary007.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary008.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary009.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary010.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary011.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary012.jpg]
[Image: patriotic_rosary013.jpg]
Yes.  I can see them.

Try this link:

(10-17-2010, 11:27 PM)Beware_the_Ides Wrote: [ -> ]Yes.  I can see them.

Try this link:

I should clarify. My boyfriend and I are already aware of the controversy and don't think that it's a good thing that this pamphlet is being distributed. He asked me to post it so that others could see it, critique it, and be aware that not only are the creators of the pamphlet incorporating non- or anti-Catholic images and reflections into the rosary, but they're doing it as a means to attract more attention to Medjugorje.