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Full Version: Bishop Fellay on Ending the Crisis
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I thought this was an interesting quote from Bishop Fellay, in response to a question regarding some traditionalists' insistence that the crisis in the Church could be ended instantaneously:

The instantaneous solution of the crisis, as some people imagine it, can result only from a miracle or from large-scale violence. If it does not come about in that way, then there will still be the gradual solution. Although absolutely speaking one cannot exclude the possibility that God could work such a miracle, usually God governs His Church differently, through the more normal cooperation of creatures and of His saints. In general it takes at least as much time to get over a crisis as it did to unleash it, if not more. The path of reconstruction is long, and the work—immense. But above all the choice of personnel will be the determining factor. If the policy for nominating bishops finally changes, then we can hope. By the same token there will have to be a thoroughgoing reform of teaching at the pontifical universities and of priestly formation in the seminaries. These are long-range projects which at the moment are still dreams, but over a period of ten years they could already be taking shape seriously. Everything depends on the pope at first. For the moment the positive thing is above all the acknowledgment that many things have gone awry…. People are admitting that there is a sickness, a grave crisis in the Church. Will they go much further? We will see.

I think this statement is spot-on.  While in an ideal world the NO could be abrogated tomorrow and by Saturday the Church could once again look like it did in 1958, in reality it takes a long time to move hearts and minds back to tradition.  Modernism didn't triumph in the world (and make many inroads in the Church) in a day, and it won't be defeated in a day either.


Read the rest of the interview here:
He does say that a miracle is always possible. And I do believe that we should pray for such a miracle. In the mean time, traditional catholics should continue to do what they are doing.
Yep, totally agree with his comments.
Yep, me too I like Bishop Fellay and his assessment is exactly right. My sense tells me the Consecration is the miracle he is speaking about. If this takes it's natural course it will take several hundreds of years and many many more will be lost.
The one overwhelming problem is simply that the complete restoration of the Church will never happen under the present regime, not for another 40 years or even a hundred years if the conciliarist mentality (so-called "spirit" of V-II) remains the governing factor of Rome and the Vatican, and not until the pope regains -- "asserts" -- his supreme powers as the Church's leader and quits being cowed by reactionary cardinals and bishops.  The presence of too many modernists precludes any impulse to return the Church to Tradition.  The restoration will be come about when a traditional orthodox Catholic group will get inside the citadel and drive away the heretics, just as Jesus drove away the thieves and vendors from the Temple.  Forcefully.  I'm not sure what Bishop Fellay refers to as "large-scale violence."  If the popes had heeded the request of Our Lady of Fatima to Consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, we would not be in this predicament.  Therefore, the events prophesied in the Third Secret are coming to be fulfilled.  What we need to look forward to is the Miracle of the Son, when He converts Russia and allows peace to reign in the world.  We can expect nothing less short of a miracle.
(10-18-2010, 02:56 PM)Vincentius Wrote: [ -> ]We can expect nothing less short of a miracle.

My money is on large scale violence  :chainsaw:   :duel:    :beatup:

Then a miracle.

Two for the price of one.
(10-18-2010, 04:38 PM)ggreg Wrote: [ -> ]Two for the price of one.


Makes for some good viewing...