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What does the Church teach regarding the divine inspiration of the Bible?

I am taking a few theology classes, and we were told that Origen was the first person to suggest that the written text itself, not simply the prophet or writer, was inspired. The priest also said that Origen was a "church father" though I remember reading that he did some pretty strange things to himself (I'm sure you know what I'm thinking of) - also, our teacher seemed to be quite against the ideas Augustine taught, where the writers were considered 'vehicles' for divine inspiration (he said this was the idea the council of Trent ascribed to). In conclusion, we learned that Aquinas' view of two agents, with God as primary agent, is the current teaching and endorsed by V2.

Would anybody care to elucidate on this for me? I'm taking a few theology credits, all are taught by Catholic priests who don't seem to be ultra-liberal at all, but definitely not traditional by this forum's definition. I'd like to see both sides of the argument before coming to my own conclusions. Thank you.
This will tell you all you need to know. It's PopeĀ  Leo XIII's encyclical on the subject.

He even mentions Origen:

Quote:When there arose, in various Sees, Catechetical and Theological schools, of which the most celebrated were those of Alexandria and of Antioch, there was little taught in those schools but what was contained in the reading, the interpretation and the defence of the divine written word. From them came forth numbers of Fathers and writers whose laborious studies and admirable writings have justly merited for the three following centuries the appellation of the golden age of biblical exegesis. In the Eastern Church, the greatest name of all is Origen - a man remarkable alike for penetration of genius and for persevering labour; from whose numerous works and his great Hexapla almost all have drawn that came after him.
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