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Dear friends and neighbors,

Since my Mom's funeral is coming up this Tuesday, and it's unfortunately Novus Ordo, we've been given the choice of what song we want played at the Mass.

I quickly need to know what type of Traditional Catholic hymns were played at funerals. At least, so as to sneak them in and make the funeral more Trad-friendly and more reverent.

Anyone who can help, please do so. Many thanks in advance.
I am sorry for your loss.  :pray2:  I have only been to Novus Ordo funerals so I cannot tell you about usual traditional hymns.  I hope that my own funeral will be TLM and I want them to sing Godhead Here in Hiding
A Dies Irae would be quite appropriate.
Breath on me, Breath of God?
I am very sorry for your loss.

In Paradisum is very traditional.

The Song of Farewell, in the tune of the Old Hundredth is very common, and is usually sung when the casket is incensed after Communion.

I believe the Song of Farewell is a close translation of In Paradisum, but I couldn't find lyrics.  It's in most missellets (I hate that word).

On Eagles Wings is, unfortunately IMHO, common as a Communion Hymn at NO funerals.  (I will haunt from the grave if I can, if it is sung at my funeral).  Panis Angelicus would be good, if the choir or cantor know it.  For a

I first heard Lord Of All Hopefulness, a traditional Irish hymn, sung at the funeral Mass for Archbishop Thomas Murphy (1997) at St. James Cathedral in Seatte.

This second link has the lyrics.

A Marian Anthem, such as Ave Maria, would be fitting during the Liturgy.

Prayers for the repose of your mother's soul, and for the consolation of the family.  :pray:

This article may be of some help:

To be honest, I don't know any real "traditional hymns", if you mean vernacular hymns used prior to Vatican II. I only know the Propers of the Requiem Mass. Together with the Ordinary, they were all that were necessary for a solemn traditional Mass. English Catholicism has a very weak tradition of vernacular hymns. For my step-dad's Requiem Mass, in addition to the Gregorian Propers I added one vernacular processional hymn and one recessional hymn from Anglican hymnody.

The processional was "O God, Our Help in Ages Past", by Isaac Watts.

The recessional was "Lift High the Cross", by George Kitchin and Michael Newbolt.

If I were in your area, I'd offer to cantor all the Ordinary and the Propers of the Requiem Mass in cassock and surplice. A lot of people don't realise this can be done in the Novus Ordo, but it can. The only difference opposed to the 1962 form is that outside of Lent, an Alleluia must be sung instead of a Tractus before the Gospel.

On a tangential thought, it's my understanding that in the "real old days" (before Vatican I? hard to say), the Requiem Mass was usually preceded by the Office of the Dead. Unfortunately this is probably a rare sight even in full trad parishes today.
Dies Irae.
defiantly the In Paradisum at the end of the mass
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