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Full Version: Democratic Governor's Candidate Down in Polls After Anti-Catholic Ad
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I guess they never read the book "Who really cares" by Arthur Brooks. It burst the bubble on the humanitarian Liberal. Cons out give then 100 to 1 in dollars and 2 :1 in givers. It goes even further where the 25% of the Democrats who are self-described as atheistic and secular give $0. There is also a correlation between weekly Church attendance and giving. Those that go weekly give the most. The poor are the most interesting. The poor that receive some sort of government aid give nothing, while the working poor with comparable income give the most as a percentage of income, even beating the rich. Widow's mite indeed.
I don't know what that was all about.  All that matters right now is that the Dems are probably getting their heads handed to them because they did something dumb and anti-Catholic.

Thanks guys.
God is not happy with them.

Even more the point, the faux-catholic third party candidate still hasn't dropped from the race.  When he does it will be a slam dunk for a guy who is, let's face it, not a very inspiring Repubgnican candidate.