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Full Version: Help me Identify this Saint
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This statue was give to be by the wife of a fried that passed away a few years ago. Can you please help me identify this Saint? Thank you.

[Image: 100_3097.jpg]
looks like St. Francis?
That's a tough one. Is he crying?
We were thinking that it might be St. Francis CanadianCatholic but we just aren't sure. Thanks for the vote. Jitpring, just went outside and looked again and can't tell if he is crying or not for sure. He does look sad.
Perhaps it is Saint Joseph of Cupertino?

[Image: joseph%20of%20cupertino.jpg]
Thanks Pax et Bonum, gives me allot to think about. I'm just not sure. I really want to put a definite name to the statue that I have in my yard. :) This is going to be tough....
You're welcome. I hope you find out who he is! And welcome to Fish Eaters! :hello!:
Yes, Welcome!!!

Though your guess is as good as (or better than) mine on who that holy fellow is.
Thanks again Pax, and thank you Dust.

What is that in his left hand?  Is there any indication he might have once held a shovel that's been broken off?  St. Fiacre, patron saint of gardening, is shown with a shovel.  (He's also the patron saint of cabdrivers and hemorrhoid sufferers; I think everybody can get the connection there!) 

St. Francis is usually shown with birds and/or mammals, typically a deer, a rabbit, sometimes a wolf [the wolf of Gubbio he talked to] but he can be shown holding a cross and a book.  Could that be a book in his left hand?  He often has a skull by his foot, too.

St, Anthony almost always holds the Baby Jesus.

Those are the three monks usually depicted in statues.  A fourth, St. Martin de Porres is usually in painted statues because he's black.  Oh, and St. Peregrine holds up his black robe to show a bandaged place on his leg, where his cancer was cured.

Also, try

Look in the left hand column for "monks" and you'll get a list of all the saints who were monks, with info on each one.  The ones you've never heard of probably haven't made it into statue status so look at the ones whose names are familiar.

IF you can get it to load.  It won't load for me but maybe it will for you.  My modem is ailing the past couple of days.  Other parts of the site are loading for me so I don't know what's going on.

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