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Full Version: The Vatican--late on Halloween
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I think the Vatican is a little late on this one!  America has long held Halloween as a day of evil.

Vatican condemns Hallowe'en as anti-Christian

The Holy See has warned that parents should not allow their children to dress up as ghosts and ghouls on Saturday, calling Hallowe'en a pagan celebration of "terror, fear and death".

The Roman Catholic Church has become alarmed in recent years by the spread of Hallowe'en traditions from the US to other countries around the world.

As in Britain, it is only in recent years that Italian children have dressed up in costumes, played trick or treat on their neighbours and made lanterns out of hollowed out pumpkins.

The Vatican issued the warning through its official newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, in an article headlined "Hallowe'en's Dangerous Messages".

The paper quoted a liturgical expert, Joan Maria Canals, who said: "Hallowe'en has an undercurrent of occultism and is absolutely anti-Christian."

Parents should "be aware of this and try to direct the meaning of the feast towards wholesomeness and beauty rather than terror, fear and death," said Father Canals, a member of a Spanish commission on church rites.

Last year a newspaper controlled by the Italian bishops, Avvenire, called for a boycott of Hallowe'en, calling it a "dangerous celebration of horror and the macabre" which could encourage "pitiless [Satanic] sects without scruples".

Earlier this week the Catholic Church in Spain also condemned the growing popularity of Halloween, saying it threatened to overshadow the Christian festival of All Saints' Day.

The Bishop of Siguenza-Guadalajara, Jose Sanchez, said there was a risk that Halloween could "replace Christian customs like devotion to saints and praying for the dead."

I went for a run this evening and wondered why there were two kids in costumes. They were the only kids I saw dressed up, it seems to be more an American thing. A few kids knocked on my mate's door tonight and the only thing he had to give them was a can of tuna  LOL
I was totally opposed to pagan-themed halloween celebrations, but this article has made me rethink my position.  LOL

LOL at the can of tuna (and I only say that when I mean it!)  LOL
More misinformation. "The Vatican" didnt issue anything, their half-wit newspaper did.  You know, the same one that praises John Lennon and Michael Jackson.  At the same time, its particular to Irish and American Catholicism, so perhaps I can understand them not wanting foreign traditions imported to their countries.

I think the merriment common to Halloween should be carefully examined before partaking in it.

And this isn't the is the same old newspaper in the Vatican.
The Vatican newspaper sounds like a bunch of terrorists.

L'Osservatore Romano, finally got something right for once.

Modern Halloween for the last 40 years has been a return to paganism, occultism, and Samhain. Catholic customs about saints on the eve of All Saint's day should replace the rampant secularism of modern Halloween.
Kind of suffering from MPD considering the Simpsons "are Catholic" yet they have Halloween episodes....
Scary stories and gory horror flicks have their place, as does candy and haunted hayrides, however one need only visit Salem, MA – the Mecca of Halloween – to see the zeitgeist to which the Roman paper is referring. I lost count of the number of times folk shouted “hail Satan” at the courageous Protestant street preachers*, or uttered unspeakable insults against Christ. There really is another side to Halloween that one doesn’t have to dig too deep to find. Read Sleepy Hollow and carve your pumpkins, just know that a darker side of Halloween is out there.

* I wish there were Catholics doing the same. Like always our coreligionists were out to lunch. After personally having had a nasty verbal tiff with a man I’m almost positive was a Satanist, or under some demonic oppression, I sought out the nearest church late yesterday afternoon. It’s rare that I get to see evil manifest, but on the streets of Salem it was there. The hostility I saw on the part of some towards God betrays a deeper animosity than generic secularism could conjure. I went to the church to clear my head and make some mean reparation for what I saw. Having left my breviary at home I sought out the parish priest, an old man, and asked to borrow his volume for a few minutes. It occurred to me after trying to rephrase my inquest several times that the priest had no idea what the “Liturgy of the Hours,” “Breviary,” “Divine Office,” “Vespers,” or “Evening Prayer” was. I may as well have spoken Greek. In the end he gave me a bulletin. Yesterday was a perfect microcosm of the sorry state of things. Pagan society is going downhill, well-meaning but awkward Protestants do their best to save souls, and Catholics are nowhere to be seen. 
Eh?  The Simpsons are Catholic?  
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