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Full Version: Linz Bishop "Concelebrates" with Women Wearing Priest's Robes
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you should sign up again and remember the second u.
We all remember the affair when the Vatican accepted the request of Fr. Wagner to have his name removed from consideration to be made a Bishop in this Diocese (I think that's how it went? Approximately anyway). As with all of these sorts of moves to mollify liberal protestations, or POTENTIAL protestations, the reasoning has more or less been "we have to do this in order to avoid the potential of a schism". When seeing this, the immediate question that comes to mind is; "hasn't that schism already occurred, and if not, is the price to be paid to avoid it really worth what we are getting out of it?"  I don't presume to know the answer, but I would like to think it is one that is now foremost in the minds of those in the higher ups of the congregation for Bishops, CDF, State, and even the Holy Father Himself.
Somebody needs to be excommunicated here, no excuses.