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Full Version: Mexican Actor Stands Behind Archbishop Burke and His Message
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Mexican actor supports the pro-life message of future Cardinal Burke. The abortion opponent said this on his website for Hispanic US-Citizens that they should seriously consider the words of the Cardinal designate.

Los Angeles ( The Mexican actor and Pro-Life-Activist Edwardo Verástegui has two sensational videos on his website which supports the points made by Archbishop Raymond Burke. The star, famous among Spanish speakers and known Catholic supports the message of the Archbishop, who will be appointed a Cardinal in the next Consistorium.
This is great.
I've actually been following Eduardo closely since I discovered his pro-life work.  He has done a great job at bringing attention to the realities of abortion.
For those who have not seen the trailer of his new movie yet, here's a link Eduardo actually plays the lead in it.  Hopefully it will open in a theater near you soon.