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Hello All!
I've been browsing the website for a little while and decided to join the forum.  God bless Fisheaters!  I've been learning a lot.  I converted to the Catholic faith in 2007 and praise the Lord for that!  I hope to continue to learn more about my faith and the road the Lord has brought my wife and I to today.

I must be honest - I am posting today because I need to ask everyone here to help the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest.  They are an orthodox, traditional order of priests currently serving in the Diocese of Madison and they are under attack by the liberals in that area.  They currently run a school (St. Mary's) and it's in danger of shutting down due to lack of funds.  They estimate that there's only enough funds to last until January.

One of the priests of the order, Fr. Lope (briefly mentioned in this article) is the man who introduced me to the TLM and I was an alter server with him for about a year, more or less.  I learned a lot from this man and his order is sorely missed in NJ.  Sadly - for whatever reasons that we can only speculate on - their contract at the Shrine in Raritan was not renewed and they had to leave.  Praise the Lord, they have the strong support of Bishop Morlino in Madison, but the laity are a little more rebellious.

Anyway, that's my spiel.  Sorry to have my first post be begging for money, but I felt that perhaps this would be something that traditionalists might look into.  I'll supply the links below so you can check out the news article and also visit their school's website if you want to donate (the pay pal button is to the right).

Thank you so much for your time and God bless.  I'm happy to be on board!!


Article from the Wisconsin State Journal:

Donations Page:
Hi, welcome to Fisheaters!  Hi!

I don't know if you have seen it, but there is a thread about this topic:

You might want to post your links there, too. They might get more exposure.  Smile

edwardswyco, welcome to the forum, to tradition, and most importantly, to Catholicism!

May God be with you always and may He keep you forever close to His most Sacred Heart.


Tip o' the hat
Thanks everyone!

I just read the posting in the other forum page - big thanks to the person who linked to their donations page!!

God bless
Welcome, and thanks for posting this!
Welcome Edward.

There are some good changes going on in Madison.  Keep faith that God will provide for the continued flourishing of more reverential and traditional Catholicism in the diocese.  It's truly the Lord's work and who can be against you if He is with you?  It looks like the good Bishop Morlino has your back as well.  You'll be in my prayers.

And if you get the chance, send some of those guys and your prayers up to the Green Bay diocese.  They're both sorely needed up there.
Welcome, edwardswyco!  I'm a convert as well, I crossed over from Protestantism in 2006.  Welcome to the tank, I think you'll like it here...just beware the trolling that occasionally happens (it isn't really that bad).  Smile
Trolling's no problem if you stay away from the topics where it's likely to happen.

Yet another convert here - converted from worshipping money back in '99!

Welcome.  Tip o' the hat
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