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Full Version: Low Mass or High Mass?
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Do you prefer Low Mass or High Mass?
Definitely High Mass. Or at least a sung Mass.
On non Sundays I prefer low masses since it makes daily mass attendance more realistic time wise. But definitely high mass for Sundays.
It does not matter to me. I appreciate them both fully.
I like high Mass, make that Low, High Mass.......Low Mass........High Mass.........aaahhhhhh don't ask me that question! :laughing:
I like low Mass a lot better. I find it much easier to concentrate when things keep moving. I know the long pauses for singing are supposed to be more glorious but I find the pace very distracting and frustrating. I'm able to focus and pray much better at low Mass.
Solemn Mass, which is the ideal.  I find it the most beautiful and inspiring.  Low Mass also has things to appreciate - as Iolanthe mentioned, a pace that can be more conducive to concentration sometimes.  Really, only the compromise of Sung Mass bugs me - I guess I am just an all or nothing kind of guy :laughing:
Depends on my mood. I like all the incense and ceremony of a High Mass, but sometimes, a nice quick Low Mass is appreciated as well.
Solemn High Mass!

But I love the saying the prayers at the foot of the altar at the end of Low Mass!
I appreciate the High Mass, but actually prefer the Low Mass for the increased amount of silence it offers. I also would recommend the Low Mass as the best way for someone new to Tradition to learn the parts of the Mass, as it is usually a little easier to follow.
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