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New here.  Have been lurking for a time, finally making a plunge.

Would like  comments on this rick salbato site and his position on SSPX.


Oh boy....what a bunch of horse dung.   ::)

For every point made in this paper, it can be made about the Novus Ordo Church.

(I'm also not sure if we are allowed to discuss this topic under FE rules and hence I will not contribute any more to this topic).

From the FE rules:

Sedevacantists are welcome, but are not allowed to promote sedevacantism or post in such a way that invites debate about whether, in fact, the sede is vacante.

From my understanding, this rule also encompasses firing up debates against sedevacantism.
I"m with Mike, the nonsense going on in the Church since V2 can hardly be called Catholic.  Also, you can't lump all trads together.  I certainly don't espouse those who have elected their own "Popes"; however, I have known Thuc-line/De Laurier priests and Bishops who are sincerely following the traditional teachings of the Church, and want nothing to do with conciliar nonsense, especially the modern ecumenism that leads to/promotes indifferentism.  They certainly won't be electing their own "Pope" anytime soon, and would be thrilled if Benedict renounced the erroneous ecumenical orientation of the Church-at-large, among other errors, and returned to Tradition.  I assure you, they are not trying to create their own "Church".

Never mind.  Quis will tell you.
Got it.  No problem - understood . 

I take it Unity Publishing isn't worth the time .
I like  But I've discovered that it is hit and miss.  (I have a few earlier entries you can seek out.  Reading them will inform you of its accuracy.)
Unity publishing is kind of odd.  I've read their site since I think 2000.  They have some odd stuff on there.  And they did this weird back-and-forth thing on Fr. Malachi Martin for a while.

As far as the article goes, it's mainly rhetoric.  It's also nonsense at the root.  Besides Sedevacantists, independents, and SSPX, there is FSSP, ICK, etc.  There is some truth, of course, especially about in-fighting and cult-like stuff in some traditional Catholicism, but judging trad Catholics by the early CMRI is like judging NO Catholics by Call to Action.  And the CMRI of today is not the CMRI of yesterday, so it's kind of an unfair mention anyhow.

Then there's broken "carny logic" like this:

Quote:Who belonged to the Mormon sect before 1830?  Nobody, because it did not exist!  I think it has millions of members now, and a number of them were former Catholics.  But do you agree that not one member of the Mormon sect is a member of the true Church Jesus Christ founded?
Who belonged to the Traditional Movement before 1960?  Do you see history repeating itself?

LOL  That's like asking who belonged to the Jesuits before 1540.  Before 1960 there was no need for a "movement" to counter the Modernism and its fruits just as there was no need for the Jesuits until God gave St. Ignatius a call to counter the problems facing the Church back then.

Quote:* All Traditionalist groups demonstrate cult-like characteristics.

They should read this forum if they think trads are cult-like.  There are more opinions than people here.  If trads are a cult, we're a really dysfunctional cult because we can't agree on anything except the Church needs to return to tradition.  If anything, the fact we're still around kinda proves divine intervention because we seem to exist and gain ground in spite of ourselves.

Anyhow, we could go through it piece by piece, but it should be clear the article is hand-picking some of the most extreme things (e.g., "Pope" Pulvermacher) and ignoring the fact that there is a lot of "mainstream" traditional Catholicism as well.

(11-12-2010, 06:39 AM)QuisUtDeus Wrote: [ -> ]Anyhow, we could go through it piece by piece, but it should be clear the article is hand-picking some of the most extreme things (e.g., "Pope" Pulvermacher) and ignoring the fact that there is a lot of "mainstream" traditional Catholicism as well.

To go on a tangent for a minute, has there ever been a more tragic case of a family split up by the conciliar mess?  The Pulvermacher family had four brothers with vocations and they were all spread around the Novus Ordo, The SSPX and the Sedevacantists.