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Full Version: St. Gertrude's: 30 Years Under Roof in Cincinnati
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Today we at St. Gertrude the Great mark 30 years "under roof" in the greater Cincinnati area. Our mission was founded in January 1978. We count seven other traditionalist groups in the greater Cincinnati area whose founders at one time passed through our doors.

We will be giving thanks to God for all His blessings with the observance of a Forty Hours Devotion, beginning this coming Friday. The services, as usual, will be web-cast on our site,

This past Sunday during the sermon, Bishop Dolan offered his reflections on the past thirty years. An audio file can be downloaded here:

Thirty Years under Roof

Happy St. Gertrude's Day!

I thought Sedevacantism was not allowed to be promoted on this site??
Obviously, the moderators allow topics like this. What is not allowed is discussion of sedevacantism, which is a rule that many of you are breaking by bringing it up over and over. Please try to be respectful of the rules even if you're feeling uncontrollably self-righteous.
Iolanthe has it right.

This is legitimate Catholic news.  One can think it's great or horrible, but it's still legitimate news.

If Fr. C or St. Gert's were "stealth sede" trying to pretend they were something they weren't - like Old Catholics often do - that would be different.  But Fr. C will be the first to tell you his position, it's clear in his writings, and it's all over the website.  If someone wanders over there not knowing, they will find out soon enough, and most likely in spades since Fr. C is clear about his theological opinions and conclusions in his words, both written and oral.

The Schiavo thing is well-documented and one can read about it in a bunch of places and discern their opinion directly.  I think Fr. C still has his original document posted.  It should be noted that while I disagree with Father's conclusions, what he has done is make a formal theological argument  - he's not just shooting off at the mouth some random opinion or posting nonsense on a forum.  It needs to be viewed in that light.  If someone wants to discuss that on the forum, it's fine with me, but leave ad hominems and cries of "unCatholic" out of it; make a theological argument.  We shouldn't rail against priests like we rail against politicians.  Sorry, but I'm old fashioned that way when it comes to priests.

And one can obviously pray for Fr. C and St. Gert's on their anniversary even if one is against Sedevacantism. In that case one should just pray that God helps them lead holy lives as much as possible, etc., and that they "return to the fold", etc. 

This happens with things like SSPX or FSSP ordinations, too.  Some people decry them, others celebrate them.  There is no reason to start being snarky.  It's been my experience that people who speak up negatively in such situations rarely are defending anything or protecting any one except their own sensibilities.  If you think they're wrong, offer an extra Rosary for them tonight.  If you think they're right, offer an extra Rosary for them, too.  Rosaries are always good, decrying someone else, probably less often.  The smart money is on the BVM's intercession no matter what.  She will always ask for God's Will, so put the whole mess in her hands and pray God's will be done for everyone.

If someone needs clarification on the rules about the topic of sedevacantism, please PM me, and I will clear up any questions.