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Full Version: Bishop Dolan new USCCB head
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Bishop Dolan is new Bishops conference head.
The Election does show for the first time since Vatican 2 that the US Bishops Conference has finally went conservative, but always remember the Bishops Conference of  any country are purely pastoral bodies, their statements are not dogmatic and are not binding on Catholics. The only way for a teaching from a Bishop Conference could be considered "official" is if it was sent to the POPE in Rome and he approved it for the whole Church. Personally we need to drop these conferences and let the Bishop be the authority in their own dioceses.
I wouldn't go that far in describing the USCCB as having made some sort of major shift. Dolan is a decent pick, to be sure, but this was a vote against the other guy, whose baggage was just to great. If they really have gone "conservative" they would have elected Bruskewitz on the first ballot.
As to mentioning that the USCCB shifted and went "conservative"(whatever that means nowadays),  I recommend you take a look into the actions and words of their selection, "Archbishop" Dolan from NY, who has no problem bringing 100 Catholic school children to the Anti-Defamtion League's Passovever seder supper and extoling the same organisation(saying that he has long admired their work.. and  looks forward to cooperating with them in the future.  This is documented, amongst other things.  It can all be found here:  http://'   

  If nothing, read the appendix towards the end of the article.  Let the truth speak for itself.