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Full Version: Is There a Safe Environment for Catholicism in Catholic Schools: Benilde-St. Mar
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Editor: A local story about a poorly written editorial in a school newspaper has gone national.  The whys and the wherefores of the newsworthiness of this piece are an open question, a sort of cognitive disease of the nation, but because someone in the school administration decided that it was unacceptable to continue airing an editorial attacking Archbishop Nienstedt and the Church's teaching about homosexuality,  attacking the leadership of the Catholic Church over a prudential decision to send out an educational DVD known as Preserving Marriage in Minnesota. 

Many of the editorials and coverage are concerned about "free speech", while at the same time condemning the Archbishop for exercising his own free speech.  One editorial asks if a safe environment is being created for homosexuals in Catholic schools.  A better question to ask is, "is a safe environment being created for Catholicism in Catholic schools?"  Archbishop Nienstedt and the school administration of this allegedly Catholic school seem to think the two things are mutually exclusive.