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Full Version: Salvation of Souls
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If JESUS and the Catholic Church are the means GOD has chosen to save souls to bring to Heaven what is your local bishop doing to save souls in the neighborhoods of his diocese? While Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses go door to door bringing people into their false religion what are your local parish priests and laity doing to save their neighbors from going to Hell?
Good question...

It seems that most Catholics think the purpose of the Church is to make people feel good while they contribute to help the poor and needy.

The concept of saving souls is lost, because the Church no longer preaches about the dangers of the World - The Flesh - and the Devil.

It would first of all be useful if the bizarre optimism spawned by Vatican II were dispelled and the Holy Father wrote about the dangers of the World and reminded Catholilcs that we are in it, but not of it.  This would be the beginning of reigniting an understanding of the drama of salvation.

However, as most Vatican watchers can testify, the general flavour of messages coming from the Vatican apparatus are plagued with positive references to institutions like the UN, NGO's etc. etc. It is very rare for any clear and strong pronouncements to be forthcoming, like they were say in Leo XIII's time.
Interesting question!  How does one judge the missionary directive of the Catholic Church?   I say we look at how many attend confession, and only then, who receive communion, and how many receive communion, and then the other sacraments, and not be confused with the modernism so pervasive in the new liberal agenda so imbued in the new church.  Whoa! What a sensitive topic you have started because the new church is an abject  failure and a total dearth of leadership!  They forget first of all, "You must obey!"   I think that we are so far into the abyss that help is surely on the way.  That is my hope.  gg
Catholic schools prior to Vatican 2 used to collect pennies , nickels and dimes to send to the missionaries. Then religious liberty, protestants have partial truths and other catch phrases came in after Vatican 2 and now no or very little missionary work. Where once there were pagan babies to be baptized in third world countries, today those pagan babies are in the USA , that is those who survived not being aborted.
I've heard of this practice of collecting money to baptize "pagan babies" and I wonder what was actually going on. Were these children orphans who came into the care of the Church? Were they the children of converts who also were to be baptized? The reason I say this that it is wrong to baptize children against the will of their parents. See this section of the Summa:

As an aside, even at NO Masses in the past I have experienced "second collections" for the missions--usually a missionary comes and explains what they need and people can just put in the basket or even choose to pay for a whole catechism kit or training materials for indigenous catechists, etc. who aid the clergy and religious. Of course, they usually ask for prayers too.

Also, the Legion of Mary, at least in places i have lived, does door-to-door missionary work. 

But yeah, we in the West do seem to be generally lukewarm in this area--the fire of charity can always use some extra stoking.
The Legion of Mary goes door to door evangelizing.  Most diocese have one associated with it.
Forget evangelisation, those were the old days. The big business now is Ecumenism.