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Full Version: Another attempt to railroad Bishop Williamson out of the SSPX
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Published 14:31 20.11.10 Latest update 14:31 20.11.10

Holocaust-denying bishop hires neo-Nazi lawyer ahead of Germany trial

British Bishop Richard Williamson has appointed a radical right-wing lawyer to defend him in a German trial over his denial of scope of the Holocaust, Spiegel news magazine reported Saturday.

The lawyer, Wolfram Nahrath, is a member of the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), the magazine wrote. He also led the Viking Youth, a neo-Nazi organization modeled on the Hitler Youth, until it was banned in 1994.

...Christian Thouvenot, the secretary general of SSPX reportedly said that this choice would inevitably cause them to separate from Williamson.


I don't know Christian Thouvenot nor do I know what he "reportedly" said is accurate.  I do know however that the fairly consistent rumor mill coming out of leadership positions in the SSPX concerning Bishop Williamson is indicative of evil among them.  Fr. Pfluger has been mentioned in several articles calumniating, detracting and back-biting against the Bishop and now this Christian Thouvenot.  These guys can't seem to keep their traps shut.  Since they are not stupid and even if they were "no comment" would be wiser than the filth being spewed, it's not unreasonable to speculate that God is using Bishop Williamson to expose an infection within the leadership of the SSPX itself. 


I saw this news at Angelqueen and thought a hundred times about posting it. The tone, the adjectives employed...everything is disgusting. And this "reportedly" brings more confusion for us Catholics. In any case, let us all pray for the good bishop, as he approaches the lion's den.
About this new lawyer...

The news don't say much...little can be understood in the midst of all these "ultra", "far-right" and "neo-something" in the text. In any case, this news indicates that the good bishop seems to be willing to fight. Let us see how this unfolds.
Hopefully I'm not opening myself up to a barrage of criticism and condemnations with this question.  Given the SSPX history with Nazis, shouldn't Bishop Williamson do all he can to distance himself from the subject?  Perception becomes reality in our age and if the end goal is to get the SSPX back into full communion then these issues serve no good.
If Bishop Williamson is intending to debate the Holocaust at the trial, as the choice of lawyer indicates, the SSPX might indeed have to kick him out, for they will then have the choice between kicking Bishop Williamson or losing their entire German apostolate.
Right now the German state is closing down all SSPX schools left in Germany. The SSPX has already lost Mass locations because of Bishop Williamson. And he just keeps going on.
Modernist Witch-Hunt.  Difficult situation.

If SSPX leadership does nothing they will be tarnished as Nazi-sympathisers by the Globalist media and may lose some of their flock through harassment.

If SSPX leadership distance themselves from Bishop Williamson they will fuel the rumour-mill about 'compromisers within' and maybe force another Traditionalist split. And the Globalists will still continue to undermine them locally. 

After Bp. Williamson then FORGAN (Forces of Organised Naturalism) will come after all other Catholics they choose to defame as 'Reactionary'.
This is why Bishop Williamson shouldn't have appeared at the trial. It can only go very badly for him and of course give even more of a bad name to the SSPX.

Why on earth would the bishop choose to hire this new lawyer? From what I can discover online, he isn't even skilled in legal issues! His cases have been failures. If Bishop Williamson wanted to make his trial about the issue of free speech, you'd think the first move would to pick someone who was actually good at arguing the case.
The SSPX needs to kick Williamson out. The guy's insane.
told u guys that sspx is full of bad fruit.......stop following and go back to new order church.....maybe sign up as liturgical dancer....maybe u can sing amazing grace

lots to do

stop this nonsense

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