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Full Version: Happy Feast Day!
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Today's the Feast of the Presentation of the BVM so it's time to start a new liturgical year.

Does anyone have special Advent traditions? I'm curious about how Catholic families celebrate. Any tips on how to celebrate Advent by myself?

May God bless you all in the upcoming season!  :)

Here's some information about Advent customs and traditions from Fisheaters, Kim:

My family does the Advent wreath tradition, and I try to exchange at least one gift with a friend on or near December 6 (St. Nicholas Day). On December 13, I've made it a tradition to visit my grandparent's grave, say prayers and sprinkle holy water on their headstone. That's St. Lucy's Day, and was my grandmother's birthday.
crusdaderking went to a lot of troube there!
Thanks, CK!  :)
your welcome!!
Thanks in advance for your thoughts on Advent icecream.  :laughing:
:laughing: :laughing:

your wlecome!
That means you have to read all those articles and condense them into an Advent recomendation for me of 100 words or less.  ;D
(11-21-2010, 07:13 PM)kimbaichan Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks, CK!   :)

You're welcome, Kim!  ;) :tiphat: This site has a lot of useful info people may not be aware of.
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