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Full Version: Pope Announces the Selection of the New Bishop of Basel
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(, Basel)  Msgr  Felix Gmür is the new Bishop of Basel, according to the Vatican Press Service.

Pope Benedict XVI, had assumed the choice of the Basel Cathedral on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary on the 8th of September.

Prior to that, Msgr Gmür worked as necktie priest and General Secretary of the Swiss Bishops conference.

A further speculation of the protestant journalist and church-hater Micheal Meier, that it would have been Dennis Theurillat (60), has proven itself to be false.
Apparently the Pope selected a young 44 year old modernist , how nice of him.

    What we must understand is that the arrangement for the nomination of bishops in Switzerland is VERY different from the arrangement in any other country: in Switzerland, the candidates for the episcopacy are nominated by the canons of the cathedral and only confirmed by the Holy See, and, in some cases, the candidate MUST be chosen from among the canons of the cathedral. Moreover, in at least one Swiss diocese, the SECULAR authorities choose the candidate from among the canons of the cathedral and that priest's name, chosen by the secular authorities, is sent to the Holy See for confirmation. This was one of the problems with the nomination of Mgr. Haas in the Diocese of Chur, Switzerland. The previous pope named him without the approval of the canons of the cathedral of Chur.

    While these arrangements seems strange to us, it has been done this way for centuries in Switzerland, particularly since the Reformation. Each of the secular cantons in which the Swiss dioceses are located has a concordat with the Holy See - and not a recent concordat, rather a centuries-old concordat - to name bishops in this manner.

    Add to this that, in Switzerland, canon law is not recognized by the cantonal authorities AT ALL. There was a case in German-speaking Switzerland where a priest had fathered a child and so the bishop duly removed him. The priest then sued the bishop in court because it is illegal in Switzerland to fire someone for having children. The bishop was forced by a secular judge to reinstate him. Also, when a priest is named to a parish in Switzerland, the authority of the bishop is not recognized by the secular law. So, if Bishop X names Father Y to be pastor of St. Z's parish, the only thing the state recognizes is that a group of people who are registered with the government and who call themselves "St. Z's Parish" must ELECT this priest as President of their organization. This is actually true on the diocesan level, too. When the Holy Father names a bishop, even in accordance with the special Swiss concordats with the Holy See, he must be elected president of an organization of people specifically registered with the government as the "Diocese of Basel."

    What's more, add in to this situation the frightening state of the Faith in Switzerland, and it's even WORSE in German-speaking Switzerland than in French-speaking Switzerland, good candidates for the episcopacy, at least ones who would satisfy the secular authorities and/or the canons of the cathedral, are hard to find.

    Due to the Reformation, it was actually illegal in the Protestant Canton of Vaud (Diocese of Lausanne-Geneva-Fribourg, French-speaking Switzerland - Romandie) to wear a cassock in the street until the 1990's.

    Please pray for Cardinal Ouellet and the Holy Father in this difficult situation; their hands are tied by centuries-old concordats agreed to by their predecessors. Switzerland is already is a sort of de facto schism; a one-sided annulment of these concordats by the Holy See would provoke what is a de facto situation into becoming a de iure situation.