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Full Version: Pope on homosexuality among priests: “one of the miseries of the Church”
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"One of the miseries in the Church" would be more correct.

Jesus,our Lords peace be with You.
Dear friend,brothers and sisters in Christ. Well,I don't understand why everyone is against our Holy Father right now,He has done nothing wrong,and I have many times try to make You,and others,to wait,wait and then wait again. There will come a official statement,and then,but first then,we can say something,keeping in mind who He is. Yet He has not said what the newspapers say He has,so lets wait. And about homosexuality,in general,you all find the answer in your Cateshim,2357-2359,I guess it is on the same place in all Catechisms in all language.
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Please note Rule Two of the Rules of the forum.

Thanks for pointing that out.  I will abide by it in the future.


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Posting the article vs. posting the link is the same darn thing.