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Full Version: Sacrifices to be a Catholic
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What are some of the biggest sacrifices in your life you've made to be a Catholic? Someone I know recently had to call off their engagement because her non-Catholic fiance was not willing to live by the Church's laws concerning sexual conduct and children. That'd be hard.
My parents would not come to my wedding.
(11-27-2010, 03:35 PM)JayneK Wrote: [ -> ]My parents would not come to my wedding.

I'm sorry to hear that sad  My mom won't come to our children's baptisms (she wouldn't come to ours, either). 

We lost a lot of "friends" when we converted.  Most of our friends were also ultra liberal atheists, so it didn't go over well.  My brother is ultra liberal and gay (and atheist or Buddhist depending on how he feels at the moment  Rolling eyes) and our relationship is definitely strained. 
Having many friends.  It would be so much easier if I were a lapsed Catholic.
I have stopped talking to almost all my friends from college and high school.  I had been active on campus while in college and got to know lots of people, some of which were actually friends of mine of some sort.  I've stopped talking to almost all of them, and the few still talk to are at least sane (one I think can be brought to the Church) or are good orthodox Catholic.

I've also had issues with my mother, but I think that is getting better - Deo gratia!
I would say that members of the group COURAGE by sacrificing living the gay lifestyle show what true love for JESUS is. There are soo many temptations out there on TV and other places their is need for chaste friendships.
Lost family members, the chance to be close to my nieces and sisters, jobs, been chased out of stores, friends, and peace in my house.  Nothing much.  I still have my Lord and my heavenly family.  Smile
Whatever I've lost has been no where close to worth what I've gained.  Tip o' the hat
I've lost most of the friends I made in high school in college (some intentionally, others simply drifted once I became serious about my faith).  I broke up with a girl I was falling in love with my senior year of college because she wasn't Catholic.  I got out of the military a lot sooner than I would have otherwise wanted to because I didn't see the military lifestyle as compatible with raising a family.  I have strained relationships with my parents to this day because I made it clear that I do not approve of their lifestyle choices.

In the end, though, God has given me back far more than I could have ever given Him.  I have a wonderful wife, a beautiful little daughter and another on the way, a good job, a good house, and a strong group of friends who are also orthodox Catholics.
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