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Full Version: Mohammadans in Pakistan sentance Catholic woman to death
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(11-30-2010, 01:54 PM)Texican Wrote: [ -> ]Bush did it.

I like W personally, though a lot of his politics I now since I'm older and "wiser" disagree with - his wars have not caused any good whatsoever, Iraq especially for our Chaldean brothers in the Faith. Saddam was a strong man, Iraq needed that... now without him its even more of a shit hole paid for with a lot of American blood

But yeah muslim pakis are cavemen,fact is fact no apologies, cultures definitely make a difference when it comes to Muslims, Central Asians (well, Kazaks and Kyrgyzstanis) and Bosnians compared to Saudi and Indo-Paki ismalo-barbarians. My Muslim friend from Lebanon highly dislikes both groups for that reason, they're barbaric (that and he is Shi'ite and dosent have a high opinion of Sunnis).
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