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Full Version: Chinese Seminarians Hunger Strike to Protest Communist Control of their Seminary
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Editor: This article appeared about two weeks ago, this situation is still ongoing, will check for more information and join these brave souls in their resistance to Communism.

(Peking)All 100 Seminarians of the seminary in the Chinese province of Hebei are protesting against the Official of the State Commission for Ethnic and Religious Affairs in the Province.  For 19 Days the Priests are in a hunger strike with which they are protesting the appointment of a Communist to the Vice Regency of the Seminary.  The Seminarians fear that the Communist regime is going to interfere with the religious education and spiritual values by subordinating and making it docile to outside political influence.
I would have thought hunger striking was an illicit means.
(12-10-2010, 07:54 PM)Christopher Wrote: [ -> ]I would have thought hunger striking was an illicit means.

Probably is.