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Full Version: Chicago Archdiocese Monsignor: Ron Santo's funeral was not a Mass but a "prayer
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Approximately 1,000 people filled Holy Name Cathedral this morning for Cubs legend Ron Santo’s funeral. Among those in attendance were all four Ricketts siblings, Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig, Pat Hughes, the Rev. Jessie Jackson, Sr., Ryne Sandberg, Kerry Wood, Glenn Beckert, Fergie Jenkins, Don Kessinger, assorted family members and various Cubs staff.
I feel sorry for Ron Santo, he was an excellent third baseman, and from all outward appearances he lived the faith. It's tragic when the churchmen want to wrap themselves in his popularity to appeal to the cognoscenti, and by extension to the masses. He made many afternoons in Wrigley Field, while drinking ice cold beer, a very happy experience for me, especially when he rounded third and kicked his heels in mid air. FYI; it cost sixty-five cents to get a grandstand seat then, and the beer was jacked all the way up to fifty-five cents per bottle, if I remember correctly. If the Lord is a baseball fan Ron Santo has to be the starter at third base in heaven. Check out his stats, why he isn't in the Hall of Fame, I don't know.


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(12-11-2010, 09:32 AM)timoose Wrote: [ -> ]If the Lord is a baseball fan Ron Santo has to be the starter at third base in heaven.

I don't know much about Ron Santo except that I didn't like his broadcasting.  And I don't read Baker's blog because I already have enough anger in my life and don't need any more.

But I DO know that God is a baseball fan.

Hey, the first words in the Bible are "In the Big Inning".
I know that He is too. For one shimmering summer God gave the loveable losers the best team in baseball, then the cursed Mets.
@^$#&) Mets.!
1969 was great when my Amazin Mets passed the Cubbies won the division and won the World Series.