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Full Version: Isaias 45:7 and evil
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"Formans lucem et creans ténebras, fáciens pacem et creans malum : ego Dóminus fáciens ómnia haec."
"I form the light, and create darkness, I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord that do all these things."

Does this mean that God explicitly creates evil? Or is there another explanation (such as that God has given us and the demons free will, and evil is an abuse of that free will, which God created)?
I think "evil" here is in contrast to "peace".  For example, God brought in the Babylonians to flatten Israel.  It is more correct to say He allowed it, but it surely was part of HIs sovereign plan.  Same with Rome crushing the perfidious Jews.

So evil here means "war" from the context.  And when it is the Lord's just wrath, it is not truly "evil", which would be a contradiction.
The footnote in the Douay Rheims Bible (Bp. Challoner version) says, "'Create evil'... The evils of afflictions and punishments, but not the evil of sin."

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Evil cannot be created. That's the biggest problem with the Problem of Evil that secularists don't get. They ask that if all is created by God, than surely evil is created by Him, so He's not all Good, and thus the idea of God is contradictory. Foolish indeed. Just as cold isn't a created thing but is merely a lack of heat, so too is evil not a created thing, but just a lack of good. So I think James02's understanding of this is correct, in that the verse isn't referring to evil as 'evil'.