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Full Version: CHRISTMAS Season Traditions, what do you & your family do ?
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What do you typically do on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day,
when do you go to Mass, what does your family have as a meal ?
Favorite cakes, cookies, meal, drinks, etc.

What about New Years Eve & New Years Day?
What decorations do you put up & when do they come down?
What are some old fashioned Catholic traditions for this Holy Season?
What about Epiphany?
Thank you! :)
Hi, would anyone like to share family traditions?
Thanks  :)
Advent- Lighting of the Advent wreath attempt to go to daily Mass if the NO here isnt to atrocious.

Christmas eve- Midnight Mass

Christmas day -Mass, open present, have dinner, hang out with family

Decorations stay up until Epiphany.
We do the Los Pasados (9 Day Novena ending on Christmas Eve).  It focuses you on the Journey Mary and Joseph took ending up looking for shelter.
Marzipan and oranges in the Stocking is a must and candles on the tree (fake these days) comes from our German Tradition.  The Tree is evergreen and lighting the way.  Jesus is the light of the world and everlasting. Mass is more important than gifts so the children do not open gifts until after Mass and Brunch.  Some family comes over and some family we travel to during the Christmas Season. Tree comes down after the Ephihany.

Something I am interested in which we seem to struggle with is how to include both sides of the family into our Celebrations. We have in the past done the Eve with one set of parents and the Day with the other or one takes Thanksgiving and the other Christmas.  But I always find this stressful.  How do you include and celebrate with the In-Laws and your side of the family every year.  Maybe I can get some suggestions on this. 
(12-17-2010, 09:27 AM)BlessedMotherPrayforUs Wrote: [ -> ]How do you include and celebrate with the In-Laws and your side of the family every year.  Maybe I can get some suggestions on this.   

The way it worked when I was growing up was we went to Moms parents on Christmas eve and Dads came over on Christmas but since both sets of grandparents live in the same city as us both came over on Christmas so I guess i had it easy. :)
We McCarthy's traditional get together and drink  and fight during Christmas saddly due to border restrictions me kin havnt been able to keep this tradition up the way we used to. It's also a traditional of ours during wakes and weddings
we have too many Scores  to settle with eachother and to few times to do it it usually happens during a drunkin holiday
such is life
On the 24th I'll go to my parent's home to spend Christmas Eve with them. Christmas this year I won't have access to a TLM so I'll wake up and say the assigned prayers in my missal and read the gospel. Then I'll go open presents with my family and we'll have tea with lashings of sugar and cream and toast with lots of butter and jam. At noon we'll go to my grandparents and eat pork, ham and chicken with our extended family and stay there till late in the evening. If it's warm enough my sister, cousins and I will go for a swim in the pool while our grandfather looks on, puffing on his cigarettes and drinking beer from a frosted glass. Before bed I'll call my best friend and we'll laugh about the awkwardness of our dysfunctional family gatherings and then I'll get a good night's sleep.

It's been that way for as long as I can remember. A great way to celebrate Our Lord's birth.
My family ain't Catholic, so there's nothing too special. Usually we're up at some God-foresaken hour in the morning so my siblings can be materialists  :P then we eat about 16 pigs worth of bacon, 4,593 eggs, and half of Idaho's potato exports in hasbrowns. Then there's the obligatory Christmas turkey dinner with fine French wine and champagne in the evening.