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Full Version: Please, need help with a group called the "Divine Will" followers?
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I need help understanding or getting info. on a group,

they call themselves "Divine Will Followers" they follow the writings of a lady from Italy, they
are hoping she becomes a Saint, but I can't seem to get anough info. on them.

And I am having a hard time understanding what they are all about,
they tend to homeschool their children.

If you know anything about them, I would appreciate it.
Thanks! :)
Just google

There's other stuff as well.  This sounds pretty hokey to me, but what do I know.
The visionary here was Luisa Piccarreta who allegedly lived on the Holy Eucharist for many years. I think she has been deemed a Servant of God. Her spiritual director has been canonized and he is St. Annibale diFrancia.  There is a website to give more info at

I have some friend 'into' all this. Myself, I read some of the writings. What got me was in one of the books where Luisa compares herself to the Blessed Mother and that was about the end of my  interest. Now it may be that she will one day be canonized but I do not feel a draw to her writings and no need to incorporate their reading into my spiritul life. I already  have a stack of books waiting my attention!