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Full Version: Jesuit Worships the God Shiva With Ravi Shankar
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Remember when the 60s were fun? Father Jegath Gaspar Raj SJ has had a lot of interesting connections, playing an intermediary in the peace talks between Tamil Tigers and the government of Tamil Nadu, running businesses and then becoming implicated in running the 2G Spectrum Scam.  Now he's worshipping Shiva to promote his musical endeavor and get himself and the local Archdiocese out of a financial jam.  Some people seem to think that the Jesuits in India are pretty good.  We're inclined to think they might be even worse than the ones in the West.  Has anyone warned Father that he's committing one of the worst crimes a Christian can commit?
Are you sure this isn't from an alternate reality ?
My question is, how do you worship something that doesn't even exist??
"All the gods of the Gentiles are demons." Ps. 95:5
Hey, if JPII The Greatest Ever11111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneoneleveneleven can get a dot (sorry I dont know the name for this), why can't this Priest get his groove on?  The example has been set.
From (the link of which is found in The Eponymous Flower article)

Quote:Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj, a Catholic priest, founder of Tamil Maiyam, an organisation with the stated aim of the promotion of Tamil arts, literature and culture, joins hands with Tamil maestro Ilaiyaraaja to produce a music audio of Thiruvasagam, a set of verses written by Manickavasagar, a 13th century devotee of Shiva in praise of the Hindu god.


Fr. Jegath has also used the students, not a few of them Catholics, of the Loyola College, Stella Maris College, and some convent schools for campaigning and for dance and drama performances, including the Thiruvasagam release function, where obeisance was paid to Shiva. “The involvement of the Catholic Church in the project was a great service to India” says Mr. N. Ram, the editor-in-chief of The Hindu.

Fr. Jegath “assured that most of the churches and catholic organizations were in support of him in this project and he mentioned that his bishop had really appreciated him for doing this project, as inter-religious dialogue was one of the duties of a catholic priest for maintaining religious harmony”.

Fr. Jegath participates in Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living Foundation programs along with the godman, and also promotes yoga through Tamil Maiyam. Catholic sound studios are used for inter-religious purposes such as the projection of spiritual music dedicated to the ‘Divine’ Mother of the Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

Tamil Maiyam and Fr. Jegath insist that they are committed to the promotion of ARTS and CULTURE, but the priest himself, and all media reports stress the fact that Thiruvasagam is a SPIRITUAL endeavour.

Fr. Jegath Gaspar Raj, who is “bothered” by “the revival of evangelism”, speaks of his “karma”, himself accepts “Manickavasagar helped me to find my own God in Thiruvasagam”; “I salute the one that is called Siva in the south, but known as God throughout the world.” He is proud that, even though he is a Catholic priest, temples of the deities Shiva and Murugan belong to him.

The primary questions addressed to the Bishops are, therefore, if this is the calling of Catholic priests, if this is what priests and Church facilities are now expected to be dedicated to [in the name of “inter-religious harmony and dialogue” and “collaboration”], that they openly and with impunity propagate devotion to “other gods” [see First Commandment] instead of preaching the Gospel and witnessing to Jesus Christ. He teaches that ‘love is God’, which is not Scriptural.

The above article is said to have originally come from so I don't know exactly how trustworthy it is (although to be clear, given modern-day ecumenism, I wouldn't put such activities past some of today's priests).
If Pope JPII could call Voodoo one of the worlds great religions and pray to the great thumb and Benedict can pray in a Mosque in a muslim fashion why not?
It's all good. He's still a member of the soul of the church - no?
Unlike Bp. Williamson, these clerics are "Catholics in the proper sense".
(12-17-2010, 03:27 PM)Vetus Ordo Wrote: [ -> ]Unlike Bp. Williamson, these clerics are "Catholics in the proper sense".

Oh man, I was hoping for an impersonation!  ;)
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