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Full Version: Africans Want The Gregorian -- Not The Forced Hulahula
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In the Old Mass one doesn't have to work at getting the faithful to be meditative.  That comes from himself -- the Bishop explained.

(, Benin)  Bishop Pascal N’Koué (51) of Natitingou in Benin has led his old Mass already since October 2003 in his Diocese.
From the article:

Quote: Enemies of the Old Mass have Poisonous Hearts

Ain't that the truth
According to Msgr. Lefebvre, the Africans loved Gregorian Chant and sang it very well.  After the Council, the introduction of the vernacular caused conflict amongst tribes and linguistic groups.  Whereas previously the Mass had been in a "neutral" language, now it might be the case that a person would go to the local Mass and find out that it was being said in the language of the tribe that had slaughtered his entire family not long ago.

Geoffrey Hull in The Banished Heart points out this intriguing aspect of the vernacular; namely, that it has been a source of great discontent and feelings of marginalization for linguistic minorities within countries with standard national vernaculars--think the Basques in Spain, the Welsh in Britain, etc.
Talk about ecumenism at one time one could go to Mass in Chicago, Montreal, London, Johannesburg, Hamburg, Nice, Hanoi, Sydney, the Congo, Sao Paulo, and all point in between, and it was the same everywhere, even in Kenya or Rhodesia.
Timmoose do you think it will ever be that way again or is it too late.
(12-23-2010, 02:36 PM)salus Wrote: [ -> ]Timmoose do you think it will ever be that way again or is it too late.

you asked him not me, but I think in 20-40 years there will be extraordinary form masses in every city or parish judging by the traditional/conservative attitudes of new priests and current and coming seminarians, but it will not be exclusive (unless the parish is FSSP, SSPX etc obviously)
Bear in mind, this is an African Bishop, braving the cultural Marxism which reigns supreme in Europe by embracing what is widely considered by those in power to be a sign of oppression, colonialism and imperialism. 

What this man is doing is, if I may dare to say it, his job and making those who'd turn their Father's house into a den of thieves look like the jackals they are in the process.

Personal thank you to His Lordship in Benin, and Merry Christmas to those African brothers who are helping us stand up against these sub-humans who presume to call themselves Catholics.
Salus, the simple answer is yes. It will be much sooner than we think, too. Our Lady said if we Consecrate Russia we will be given a period of peace. One can not have peace with the divisions in the Church, or abortion, or the pill, or usury, or other major immoral activities. So when Russia is consecrated we will be granted that period of peace, and it will come dramatically fast just like the conversion of Mexico. The difference is we will suffer the chastisement first because we are very late on the Consecration of Russia. I'm certain it will not be incremental, because God wants us to understand this peace has come through The Immaculate Heart of Mary and not through the good efforts of Clergy or Saints. Some where in the material on Fatima it is said this time God will not work through His priests, nor His consecrated men and women, but solely through Mary. If you have ever read what James 02 has written for the time line you'll find his reasoning sound. It can not be much longer perhaps five years.
The financial downfall is the opening movement of His Opus.
If God turns the world on its ass then anything is possible. If Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns can disappear over a weekend then the old mass can be restored rapidly; if that is God's will. You could instruct a willing and penitent world with a series of You Tube type videos (never possible before). Perhaps Mr. Voris will become a digital teacher to the surviving 1 billion people post chastisement.