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Full Version: What every Baptist church should look like.
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Wow...very nice.
I agree with the NLM article about the importance of colour and pattern. It achieves such a richer feel.
Leave it to a Jesuit to prefer the Baptist look.  :fish: 
Otherwise, wow what a difference God makes! :)
Wow! That's amazing! I love what the FSSP are doing to churches around the country.

I couldn't help but leave a snarky comment for our Jesuit friend, though.

"Seriously, Father? You prefer the white-washed barn? Of which part in the "heavenly banquet" does that remind you, the waiting room?"

They never cease to amaze me. When is someone going to up and reform their sorry lot??
You can see over 300 pictures of the consecration of the Church here:

It was a beautiful and fitting consecration/Mass after much hard work to get the Church ready.  The transformation was largely done by the parishioners in about 4 months time.
Nice color choices. Good job.
I don't particularly like what it looked like before, but don't care much for the new look either. Too busy, for my tastes.
Amazing.  Aesthetics really matter, you know.
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