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Full Version: reducing bodyfat, can this be offered up and considered a penance?
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And what happens when you lose all the weight you need to?
(01-08-2011, 08:51 PM)dark lancer Wrote: [ -> ]And what happens when you lose all the weight you need to?

I think they modify the way they eat but keep up the spiritual practices.  It is still less food than most people eat though.
Oh certainly! I do this all the time. I have to maintain a stricter diet for health reasons, so it is beneficial to my body but that does not make it any easier. It's definitely a penance that I offer up. When I start slipping, Lent is a great time to pick it up strong again.
(01-07-2011, 12:22 PM)dustman Wrote: [ -> ]I have always had a healthy appetite. Not to the point of gluttony, but i love to eat, much like i hear aquinas did. I have my first child coming, and i am controlling my calorie intake to 1500 calories a day so that i can lose bodyweight in anticipation of my child so i can be healthy.

I am finding this to be very difficult for me, and was wondering if this was in any way something that i could offer up somehow for the benefit of my soul.

thank you for your thoughts and any advice on keeping my willpower strong will be appreciated.

First of all, congratulations! I don't know much about pregnancy and diet but I am struggling with a diet @ the the moment (I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and my OBGYN said losing weight is the only natural cure, I am not that overweight but middle of BMI scale is preferable, says she). I think anything good for you that is hard can and should be offered up as penance. The more we offer things up, the better our life will be.
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