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Greetings from the mitten (that's Michigan, for those of you who don't know),

I am a current Catechumen going through RCIA. I will be a full Catholic come Easter, and I am very excited. Although I've gone to church every week (with lots of skipping in my later teen years) as a Protestant, I have never been baptized. Can't wait for Easter! I came to the Catholic Church after researching it a bit over a year ago. I am an extremely theologically/philosophically minded individual, and I drive all my friends crazy around me. A few will debate with me, but they're Calvinists. So, for the past year, Catholic forums (several of them) have found me as a lurker and minimal poster. I discovered FE a few weeks ago, and as a convert, I sincerely appreciate the traditional Catholics. On the down side, I don't believe there is a TLM offered in my county (Isabella), or even around it. Thus, I have only ever experienced the NO. Still, it has shown me beauty that I have never seen before. I smile when I hear the crying babies. But on top of this, Catholic theology and history is so rich. I admit, I still have problems praying the set prayers, and prayers for intercession still are difficult. But no matter, because I know the truth and understand much of what the Church teaches. On the few subjects that I do not understand (and I can't name any off the top of my head anymore), I surrender to Mother Church's teachings.

As my handle shows, I am a big fan of Dante Alighieri, though, admittedly, I've only really read through half of the Divine Comedy. All I need is Virgil the Poet to be my guide. LOL

So, I say hello my friends. I will enjoy my time here, no doubt. Please remember to treat me as if I were a child, for I am well-versed in modern Catholicism, but still have much ignorance toward the traditional end of the spectrum.

Pax Christi,
Welcome home!

Tip o' the hat
Welcome to the tank.

You can find the list of TLMs near you at

Never mind the stupid faces the guy puts next to the Mass sites.  His commentary is goonish at this point, but his Mass directory is priceless at this point.

If you do go to a TLM then I suggest you follow my 3 times rule,

Quote:My suggestion ... is the advice I always give...and that is to go 3 times straight to the TLM....3 times....3 times....STRAIGHT...and with an open heart and mind....not to reject or prove anything to yourself....but just to go to Mass....and be aware you may HATE it at first

BUT keep to the plan....3 times...and be SURE to use the little red missal...or whatever the chapel uses in its place to follow along, and also be sure to ask for help in staying up in the book so you know where you are....this way you pray the Mass as the priest does....and let your neighbor know it is new to you....and ask for help...they will show you where you are and what to do...

Then get doughnuts afterwards....and intro yourself...since there are a great many introverts at the anywhere.

I appreciate the list Scipio. However, the only parish close (and "close" is a pretty gracious term) has a website which insists that one who receives Holy Communion there not receive at the New Mass, since the New Mass is a "new religion". To which I say, new religion?!

Greetings!  Always glad to meet another Dante fan!
Well-come. Smile Good to see you over here, friend Dante!
(02-05-2011, 03:25 AM)Virgil the Roman Wrote: [ -> ]Well-come. Smile Good to see you over here, friend Dante!

Ah, my Guide!
(02-05-2011, 03:10 PM)Dante Alighieri Wrote: [ -> ]Ah, my Guide!
But of course!