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Full Version: Self imposed vacation
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Well y’all I’m gonna be gone for at least two months.  What has kept me is all the online friends here.  I did not want to leave because of you guys. I wish I could list people and what they mean to me and the good things I see in them, but the fact is that I will miss so many that I dare not.

Vetus’ Christmas message was so good that I can’t hope to repeat it.  Those of you who are solid trads stay strong.  You know who you are.  Those who aren’t… keep working.  You know the three times method….do it.

I doubt that in the coming 2 months that we will be taking any trips, but if we do and will be near any of you, UD will post about it.  Additionally she will be making one picture post for me in a week or two.

Just in case there is any wondering, no this is not a crisis of Faith vacation.  I really just want to spend more time with my kids and am doing as promised in my advice post in candyland.

Thanks everyone, I have really enjoyed this place and all y'all.
Enjoy your extra time with your children. I hope you are refreshed by your break.

I suppose I will be taking a vacation from zingers, since I don't have anyone to aim them at any more. 
Well, this is your call. Take care, Scipio effendi.

(02-05-2011, 06:43 PM)Scipio_a Wrote: [ -> ]I really just want to spend more time with my kids and am doing as promised in my advice post in candyland.

This is a good thing. After all, family comes first, just after God.

However, I trust you'll be back in the tank before this 2 month "ban" expires. All in all, Fish Eaters has become a sort of virtual family.
Take care.  I look forward to your return.
Ciao buddy! sad hope your back soon!
Take care, have a good time with the family during your hiatus. Usually, people take a break during Lent, but that's ok, sometimes we all need a change of sorts at any old time.  Wink Sticking tongue out at you
sad  Bye for now, Scipio. I hope you won't stay away for two whole months, but I understand if you must. I'll probably be taking a break for Lent. So maybe we'll catch up with each other again at Easter time.

Enjoy your hiatus. Prayers for you, UD and the family.
Have fun playing with your kiddos. Watch out for the one with the funyun in her nose, she looks like she'd be dangerous to turn your back on.  LOL
Nice. However,  where's Candyland?  Shrug  I'll have to stock up for Easters and for St Valentine's day.
Take care!  Smile
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