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Full Version: Hello.
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I am new here,so I don't know everything I guess I need to,but give me time and I will learn. I don't talk much about myself,I am soon 51,divorced,single,I have a dog,I live where my heart is,and yes,lawyers have a heart. And how do I know that? I am a lawyer,which bring a joke from the past to my mind. During the American civil war gen. Grant and his officers came to a inn and wanted a few rooms. Well,the owner had no vacant rooms due to a lawyers congress,and gen. Grant saw a lot of them sitting around the fireplace,and he said:"well,I guess this is what hell is,a lot of lawyers closest to the fire". (You can laugh now if are still awake.) I like to debate,I use common sense more then what I know,which is good,and I like to laugh from time to time,but,I can also be very serious if so needed. I hope I will enjoy this forum and that I will get lots of friends. God bless You all.
Hi! Welcome to the tank!
(02-07-2011, 06:26 AM)Jacafamala Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! Welcome to the tank!

Welcome to the aquarium sounds more... latinist.  ;D

I hope you will enjoy the forum, Sum.

Welcome back.
(02-07-2011, 10:59 AM)Vivace Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm...

Welcome back.

I was thinking that too.  We'll see.
Actually, I'll just ask.

Were you on here before as "Totterman"?  The guy I banned for calling me a "Jew-hater"?

I'm expecting you to answer truthfully, on your Catholic honor.
Tip o' the hat


Or "welcome back!" if that's the case.
Tip o' the hat
Hey there, Sum Fidelis, welcome from a fellow "newbie"!

I liked your story about General Grant. True or not, it's cute!  LOL

(My friend, who is a lawyer, told me this one: Q.. What do you call a hundred lawyers chained to a large rock at the bottom of the ocean? A... A good start. )

No worries. I'm a teacher. There are WAAAAY too many jokes about us...